Monday, January 24, 2022

The 81-year-old pensioner who “hit” the bear says she “only survived” because the animal took her dog away

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Carol Neighbor says her spaniel sacrificed himself to save her after a 300 pound bear was found rummaging through their trash and police are planning to kill the pooch-killing bear

A retiree who fought off a 300-pound bear says the only reason she survived the beatings was because she took her dog with her.

Carol Neighbor, 81, was bitten and scratched while trying to wrestle the bear for her beloved spaniel Amanda by a bear who raided her trash.

The New Jersey resident stumbled upon two bears who were rummaging through her garbage on Jan. 3 before attacking her Springer Spaniel, the New York Post reports.

She said, “I survived because he took the dog. If he hadn’t taken the dog, he probably would have gotten rid of me.”

By 7:00 am, she’d just let Amanda, her 14-year-old spaniel, and her daughter’s god, a “very fast” Vizsla, out – only to see them face two bears eating their trash.

The neighbor said, “When I turned on the light and the dogs started running at you and barking, the big bear ran away.”

The smaller bear – which officials said weighed over 300 pounds – attacked Amanda.

She jumped in defense of her dog and said she would “hit him and scream”, but her beating had almost no effect.

The bear bit the neighbor’s leg, leaving a cut that had to be stitched.

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Neighbor said: “He threw me on the ground and took the dog with him.

“When they finally found her in the forest, they took her to the vet and she could no longer be saved.

“We had to put her mother to sleep this year, who was 17. It’s hard to lose two in the same year.”

Government officials plan to euthanize the pooch-killing bear as soon as they find it.

Neighbor added, “They went looking that night … but they didn’t find the bear.

“I have a bear trap in my driveway now.”

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