Saturday, June 25, 2022

The 19-year-old bodybuilder, who is being hailed as the ‘next Mr. Olympia’, dies in a crash hours after a motorcycle video was revealed

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The death of rising bodybuilding star Ryeley Palfi, 19, was confirmed by his father after a motorcycle accident this week, with tributes from family, friends and fans

A young bodybuilder being dubbed the “next Mr. Olympia” has tragically died in a motorcycle accident just hours after he shared videos of his motorcycle online.

The death of 19-year-old Ryeley Palfi on Wednesday (June 8) was confirmed by his father, Rick, in heartbreaking posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Rick said in his message to his son’s followers on social media that “words can’t even begin to explain the pain.”

The Canadian bodybuilding competitor has been dubbed a big future star in the classic physique category, which focuses on more traditional physiques.

Ryeley’s fledgling career had garnered him 16,000 subscribers on YouTube and 91,000 followers on Instagram.

He was about to turn pro and planned to compete in the Mr. Olympia, a competition championed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ryeley flaunted his blue and yellow motorcycle in online footage just hours before the accident.

He reportedly told fans about his plans to drive home before hitting the gym, also mentioning that the roads were slick due to rain.

However, the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear.

Ryeley has received tributes from devastated family members, friends and bodybuilding fans.

His father wrote: “I can’t believe you’re gone. I can’t believe I have to try to move forward with you, not in my life.

“You have touched so many lives in your almost 20 years. You had such big dreams and goals.

“You are my hero. You will always be my superhero.”

He also thanked his son’s fans for their condolences and support.

“That was the worst day of my life, but with all your help, it’s really helping,” Rick continued.

“It makes me smile. Makes me cry Makes me feel every imaginable emotion.

“He’s really sorry for the pain. He always wanted to help people and he clearly did. Thank you all for the kind words.”

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World record star Greg Doucette is among those from the bodybuilding and fitness world who have shared her devastation.

He said: “I was watching some videos from @ryeley.palfi yesterday and was planning a video about him.

“I spoke to him in DMs and was excited to see him and cheer for him to get his IFBB pro card.

“So sad to see this and far too young. What a devastating accident. Condolences to his friends and family.”

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