Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Texas Pete hot sauce hit with false advertising lawsuit because it is made in North Carolina

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A California man is suing North Carolina-based hot sauce maker Texas Pete for false advertising.

As USA Today first reported, Philip White bought a bottle of Texas Pete in September 2021, but now says he wouldn’t have done so if it hadn’t led him to believe it was made in Texas.

In fact, Texas Pete is a hot sauce that was created in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1929. The sauce’s creator came up with the name because Texas was known for its spicy cuisine and his son’s nickname was Pete.

Today, White and his attorneys say the company “cheated its way into a market-leading position” in the hot sauce industry by tricking customers into buying fake Texas sauce.

Texas Pete bottles say on the back that they are made in North Carolina. However, the lawsuit says customers are unlikely to notice, especially if the front of the bottle features Texan imagery such as a lasso cowboy and a white Lone Star.

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