Sunday, October 2, 2022

Teen pulls 22 socks on one foot in 30 seconds for Guinness record

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Calgary’s Carolena Kruse said she began training herself to break the record for most socks in 30 seconds (under 16) when she had downtime after a swimming competition in July, and on her first attempt she was able to tying the previous record of 19 set by Aarif Ibn Abdul Halim of India in May.

23 September (News) — A 14-year-old Alberta girl has set a Guinness World Record by slipping 22 socks over her foot in 30 seconds.

“You really just have to focus on just putting your socks on and just moving on,” Kruse told CBC radio Calgary Eyeopener. “You get to start with a sock on your foot, which is nice.”

Kruse’s official attempt, recorded by her mother, ended with 22 socks on her foot, enough to clinch the title.

Kruse said she received her official certificate in the mail this week.

The teenager said she could be chasing the adult version of the record, which stands at 28 socks, or she could be chasing records in swimming categories.

“It was kind of just for me, the record, because I didn’t really want to prove it to anyone or anything,” she said.

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