Monday, November 29, 2021

Sweden is electing a female prime minister for the first time – but she resigns just hours later

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A politician who was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister yesterday gave up her role in a bizarre twist just hours after being appointed

Sweden made history yesterday when it elected its first female prime minister – but she sensationally resigned just hours later.

Magdalena Andersson of the Swedish Social Democratic Party was officially confirmed as Prime Minister on Thursday (25 November) to a standing ovation in the Swedish Parliament.

However, she resigned just 7 hours after failing to adopt her draft budget for failing to secure the support of the Greens, who were to be the junior coalition partner in her government.

Andersson told the parliamentary speaker that she now hopes to be prime minister again at the helm of a one-party government that is said to be supported by other parties.

A peculiarity of the Swedish political system means that the 54-year-old politician had to resign in order to secure the top job again.

Andersson said at a press conference: “I asked the speaker to be relieved of my duties as Prime Minister

“I am ready to become prime minister in a social democratic one-party government.”

After worries in the Scandinavian country over what some call “political chaos”, it is hoped that joining a one-party government will end the instability.

The Nordea banking group commented:

“We expect the Left, Green and Center parties to abstain in the upcoming vote and therefore effectively approve Andersson again as Prime Minister”

“In other words, the political chaos is over as long as nothing unexpected happens.”

The Greens said they would support her every new vote in parliament, despite stepping out of the previous agreement.

Although they could not agree on a budget, all the major parties in parliament worked to exclude the Sweden Democrats, a populist anti-immigration party, from any participation in government.

Despite the introduction of universal suffrage 100 years ago and the introduction of tough gender equality laws, many around the world have expressed surprise that there has never been a female leader in Sweden.

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