Saturday, May 14, 2022

Surgeon “forced to cut open living patients and steal organs” without anesthesia.

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Before former cancer specialist Enver Tohti was forced to flee China, he witnessed a mass execution – in which he had to remove the vital organs of a dying man without anesthesia

A former surgeon has spoken about how he was tricked into removing vital organs from a still-living patient after witnessing dozens shot dead by a Chinese firing squad.

Enver Tothi believes he was tricked into cutting into the dying man to extract his vital organs for transplantation.

He recounted how, one summer’s day in 1995, he was ordered to assemble a surgical team and set off on a special assignment.

An ambulance was dispatched to pick him up from his hometown of Ürümqi to a location in far northwest China.

There he witnessed a mass execution. He saw about 20 men in prison uniforms. They had been shot and some were still twitching as if in pain.

Tothi was ordered to cut out the liver and kidneys of one of the murdered dissidents.

“I became a robot,” said the father of three to the “Mirror”.

“You are doing what you are programmed to do. When I cut it was bleeding, which means the heart was still beating. I understood why.

“This man was shot in the right chest. They beat him up but didn’t let him die right away so I had time to remove the organs. It was a simple and quick operation that took ten to fifteen minutes. Even less because it is destructive surgery. The chief surgeon put the organs in a box and said, ‘Now take your team back to the hospital and nothing happened today.’”

Tohti came to the UK in 1999 after fleeing China and was granted political asylum three years later. He said, “When I did this operation in 1995, I didn’t know anything about organ harvesting. It wasn’t until I came to the UK and first heard about the practice that I realized what had happened.

“That man was shot, but technically I killed him and that haunts me to this day.”

The identity of the dying man he had to operate on without anesthesia remains a mystery.

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In China, over 1,000,000 members of the predominantly Muslim Uyghur community have been jailed without trial in “re-education camps” in the far western region of Xinjiang.

The Chinese public may not be aware of the inhumane treatment of Uighurs given the widespread disinformation campaign surrounding their detention.

Enver Tothi, who no longer works as a doctor, is now driving an Uber around London.

When he’s not at work, Dr. Tothi on his experiences and the Uyghur Muslims – who he believes will be “eliminated” lest they interfere with China’s quest for global hegemony

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