Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stunning influencers arrested for “tax fraud” cheating hundreds of followers

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Simge Barankoglue and Yesim Aydin together have more than a million followers and have been at the center of a legal battle after an online scam emerged

Two stunning influencers have been arrested for allegedly participating in an online scam that scammed hundreds of their followers.

Police teams raided the Turkish provinces of Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Kastamonu, Karabuk, Malatya and Mersin at the same time and arrested 20 people on November 9.

Among those arrested were the influencers Simge Barankoglu with almost 1 million Instagram followers and Yesim Aydin with 161,000 Instagram fans.

According to the news site Haberler, a gang defrauded social media users by telling them that they had won a cash prize in a social media game but could only claim it by paying a certain amount of tax.

During the coordinated police raids, officers confiscated a number of computers, cell phones, USD memory sticks, SD cards and other devices that were allegedly used in online fraud.

The 20 suspects are charged with defrauding 250 people across Turkey for around 3 million liras (£ 222,870) within six months.

Eighteen of the suspects, including Barankoglu and Aydin, were detained and two were released on judicial terms.

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Barankoglu said in a statement: “I make a living doing advertising on social media. I thought this was like any other advertisement. I do not know the parties or the complainants. I do not accept the allegations. “

Aydin said, “I make a living doing social media advertising. These people contacted me and said they wanted to work with me. I accepted because that’s my job. I would never have accepted it if I had known that fraud was being committed. “

She added, “The police told me that the names I had been given were fake. I did not try to cheat on anyone. I didn’t contact anyone, I didn’t ask for money. I only received the advertising fee. I am very sorry .”

The investigation continues.

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