Monday, October 25, 2021

Struggle to reorganize CDU / CSU – JU boss Kuban: "We need a Union Council"

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What does the future of the Union look like after the election debacle? The party’s youngsters want to have a say in answering the question. Tilman Kuban makes clear demands before the Junge Union’s Germany Day.

According to their boss Tilman Kuban, the Junge Union’s Germany Day should not be an event for the reckoning of the disastrous union result in the federal election. “Germany Day will be a weekend of new beginnings,” said Kuban of the “Rheinische Post”. “Of course we will also talk about the election result, but we look ahead and discuss ideas on what the Union must change now,” added the head of the CDU and CSU youth organization.

In order for the two parties to come to a better agreement, Kuban proposed a new body. “We need a Union Council,” he told the newspaper. “In such a council, functionaries from the municipalities, the federal government and the federal states could come together.” The aim is to create a new sense of cohesion and also to better coordinate the content. According to Kuban, this is urgently needed.

Germany Day takes place in Münster from Friday to Sunday. Numerous top politicians from the Union will be guests, but CSU boss Markus Söder has canceled.

With a view to the future CDU chairmanship, Kuban hopes that a woman will also apply. “If women say they want more influence, women should run for office too. Personally, I would find that very good,” said Kuban. The Junge Union will position itself if you know the candidate board.

The chairwoman of the women in the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Yvonne Magwas, spoke out in favor of a dual leadership in the CDU with equal representation. “Dual leadership definitely has advantages,” said Magwas to the editorial network in Germany. And it must have equal representation. The conference of the CDU district chairmen planned for October 30th had to seriously discuss it. The CDU member of the Bundestag from Saxony complained: “We could be much further on the question: more feminine, more digital, younger.”

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