Saturday, June 25, 2022

Snake bites woman’s eye socket as she opens the front door

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The bold reptile had wrapped itself around a coat hanger on the front door and immediately threw itself when Mara Jo Thomas went to investigate her daughter’s screams

A woman had a lucky escape when she opened her front door and was bitten by a snake just above the eye and luckily survived to tell the story.

The slippery grey-brown customer had wrapped herself around a hanger that read ‘God bless America’ and lashed out as Mara Jo Thomas opened the door to her home in Kentucky after being warned of his presence by her daughter Kenley.

The mother-of-three lightened the story on Facebook, saying: “There really is never a dull moment in my life!

“Today I was bitten by a snake just above my eye. Kenley was outside and saw it and started screaming bloody murder so of course I open the door and boom – I got it!

“Luckily it wasn’t poisonous and it didn’t hit my actual eye!

“Poor K&M helped me through a gallbladder attack and a snake bite! No one can tell what will happen next.”

She went to the hospital to examine the bite, which had left two marks along her forehead and the socket of her right eye, but she needed no antidote while no treatment was necessary.

It’s unclear what happened to the snake, but Mara added, “I’ll never have a door hanger again.”

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Her Facebook followers expressed their condolences to her friend, saying: “Girl you are so blessed. I’m so glad you’re doing well. What a scary experience.”

Another wrote: “Oh my god! I would have had a stroke!”

The US state of Kentucky has about 33 native species of snakes, including four venomous ones – copperhead, timber rattle, cottonmouth and pygmy rattlesnake – although most are harmless while bites are extremely rare.

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