Sunday, June 26, 2022

Shop assistant in ‘blind rage’ smashes wine bottles off shelves as boss fires her

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Evelin Roldán defended herself, saying she was a good employee but was blinded with anger to find out her boss fired her when CCTV showed her smashing wine bottles off the shelves

A woman was filmed smashing dozens of wine bottles in a supermarket in “blind rage” after being fired by her boss.

Evelin Roldán, 25, showed up for work at the Apolo supermarket in Rafaela, Argentina, on Monday (June 13) only to be told she was no longer needed for work.

In the video, which has been widely circulated on social media, Evelin seems to have lost her temper and is stealing the wine bottles from the shelves in the store.

She screams in anger as she stands in a pool of red wine and broken glasses.

The former employee defended her actions, saying she vandalized the supermarket due to the “cruel treatment” of her bosses while on the job.

She also claimed that the roughly eight-second video doesn’t reveal everything.

“I was blinded by anger, angry at the injustices I was experiencing inside and swallowed the abuse, the challenges, the rejection and even the insults for not losing my job,” Evelin told local media La Tecla.

“I hope to have a place where I can tell the other side of the conflict like they did when they sent videos and incomplete information and acted like they didn’t even know what happened .

“Right now, I wanted the people who saw the video and spoke their minds without knowing it to know that there are a lot of things behind a major breakdown like this.”

Evelin was later arrested by the police.

But she has vowed to take legal action against her ex-employers.

“I was a good employee, respectful, always available because from cleaning the floors to cutting cold meats or serving a box, I did everything with great enthusiasm,” she added.

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