Sunday, June 26, 2022

Shark-Eating Killer Whale Spotted Off US Coast as Experts Fear Great White Showdown

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Killer whales could collide with great white sharks in a vicious ocean encounter, with experts fearing returning sharks could lead to ferocious attacks from orcas near the United States coast

Experts fear two high-profile ocean predators may soon face each other in a vicious attack off the coast of the United States.

Video of the recent killer whale sighting 40 miles east of Nantucket, Massachusetts has been shared, showing a location where great white sharks are known to roam.

Fisherman Jerry Leeman captured video of the orca, a species also known as killer whales, as the toothed whale passed his boat in the waters of a normally shark-dominated area.

Leeman also shared some chilling photos of the whale, which the fisherman claims was around 20 feet long, and followed his boat for half an hour in a nerve-wracking encounter.

Leeman said, “Killer whale apex predator of the sea. Just fantastic, totally bad.”

The rare sighting of the killer whale comes at a time when sharks usually return to shore for the summer months, with experts fearing the two killer beasts could cross paths.

Aside from humans, killer whales are the only predators that pose a threat to great whites, The Sun reports.

A 10-foot-long female great white shark known as an andromache is reportedly already in the area, with research organization OCEARCh regularly tracking the killerfish near where Leeman spotted the orca.

Bob Hueter, senior scientist at OCEARCH, said that “there may be conflict” between the two predators, with a history of orcas harassing and killing sharks.

Hueter said: “If the orca stays around or others show up this summer, there could be some impact on the great white sharks that normally feed on seals there. The two species could compete with each other for the Cape’s gray seals. “

A 2019 study showed that great white sharks fled quickly when killer whales were in the area, and two orcas off the coast of South Africa are said to have repeatedly killed great white sharks.

The orcas were observed by a whale watching party ‘tearing up’ the sharks.

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