Monday, June 27, 2022

Russian tank hit by 3 explosions as a squad drives past a wrecked vehicle hit by a mine

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The force advanced to a burning tank but were hit by more than one land mine and eventually burst into flames as they attempted to cross the field

A Russian armored vehicle was blown to bits after soldiers drove past a wrecked tank that had been hit by more than one land mine.

Footage shared on Telegram shows the moment the clumsy Russian soldiers steer close to the infantry fighting vehicle, also known as the BMP-1, close to a smoldering tank in a field.

As the squad advances right next to the destroyed tank, they encounter a landmine that detonates on their vehicles.

Plumes of smoke can be seen from a bird’s eye view, and as they zoom past the area, they are hit by two more explosions.

Former US naval and defense expert Rob Lee shared the footage on Twitter and wrote: “Video of a Russian BMP apparently hitting an anti-tank mine passing another damaged vehicle.”

Some viewers said it was “unusual” to have mines placed so close together, others argued it could be a tactic used by Ukrainian troops to trick Russian soldiers into thinking it was an “easy evasion”.

One wrote: “Three explosions, why the hell are you walking the same path when there’s an already destroyed vehicle burning?”

“Seems like the BMP hit a mine, then another nearby, further from the field it exploded as a chain reaction, and the third explosion was ammunition on board the vehicle.”

Another commented, “They ran…to save their lives but ran to their deaths.”

This is because Russian commanders are said to be slaughtering their own wounded troops rather than taking them off the battlefield for medical treatment.

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A lieutenant colonel in the Russian military has been accused of personally shooting dead several injured soldiers on the battlefield.

The recent appearance of Russian leader Vladimir Putin has sparked further health concerns when he was spotted fidgeting his foot during a meeting with the President of Tajikistan.

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