Sunday, June 26, 2022

Russia is testing Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles

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May 28 (News) – Russia’s test fired a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile from the Barents Sea on Saturday at a target in the White Sea on Russia’s northwest coast, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Video footage of the test fire from a distance of 621 miles shared by the Defense Ministry showed the Russian Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate at sea firing the missile from a steep trajectory.

The ministry noted that the successful test fire was part of testing a new generation of weapons, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported.

Moscow has shown strength with new weapons tests amid the Russo-Ukrainian war, including a test last month of its new nuclear-capable Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Zircon missile was touted as part of a new generation of “invincible” weapons when Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled it a few years ago.

Moscow says it can reach speeds of Mach 9 – nine times the speed of sound – allowing it to evade enemy air defenses, along with a range of more than 600 miles.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously conducted other successful Zircon test firings, including a test in November that, among other things, hit a target nearly 250 miles away.

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