Sunday, October 17, 2021

Rugby player took explicit pictures and videos of women after insulting “small penis”

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Former rugby player Patrick Akauola publicly showed an explicit photo of the woman after joking about his manhood when his phone revealed other heinous acts he did while he was sleeping

A former semi-professional rugby player publicly showed an explicit picture of a woman in revenge after insulting his alleged “small penis”.

Brisbane District Court heard Australian Patrick Akauola record a series of videos and pictures of the woman that he had saved on his phone.

Some of the heinous acts were perpetrated on the woman, who for legal reasons cannot be identified by name because she was sound asleep.

Akauola reportedly got into an argument with the woman during one night in November 2018 because he was offended by her insulting manhood.

As reported by, Attorney General Siobhan Harrison told the court that Akauola publicly showed the woman’s nude photo in response to the insult.

The court heard that the picture was a screenshot of a video that Ms. Akauola shared.

Ms. Harrison said the woman did not approve the picture.

The couple was in a taxi at the time, and the woman beat Akauola before getting out of the vehicle.

It was a year later when the extent of Akauola’s actions was revealed after the woman discovered the pictures and videos of her on his phone.

The videos and images are said to contain a number of explicit acts, including Akauola inserting his finger into the sleeping woman’s anus.

He also secretly filmed her naked in the shower and had a photo of her having oral sex.

The woman said she never consented to the acts in the pictures and videos.

Akauola said his actions were drunk and “immature”.

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He pleaded guilty to multiple rape, observation or recordings in violation of privacy and the distribution of prohibited images.

Judge Katherine McGinness described Akauola’s apologies as “unacceptable” when she sentenced him to two years and nine months in prison.

Akauola’s sentence is suspended after serving six months, and he is given a two-year suspended sentence.

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