Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rottweiler who loves the camera can’t stop bombarding dancers with photo bombs and ruining their videos

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Sam Sar continues to try to record videos of himself dancing for social media, but her dog, Bain, likes to join the action and photo bombs her over and over to steal the spotlight

A young woman who loves to film herself dancing always finds her dog trying to share the spotlight.

Attention-grabbing Rottweiler Bain often takes pictures of his owner while she tries to shoot fashion and dance videos for her social media platforms.

Whether he’s bringing a ball to play with, knocking the camera over, or just showing up to say hello, no video is safe with one and a half year old Bain around.

Owner Sam Sar, 27, of Bentoville, Arkansas, USA said, “I honestly don’t know why he likes to interrupt my videos.

“He’s a smart dog and realizes that my phone is recording and he wants to see it for himself.

“I keep thinking, ‘Why do Bain again? Now I have to redo my videos.’ He remembers my reaction and it has become a game for him as you can see he loves playing this game, so many videos he’s been a part of.

“There is a very strong bond between us. There is a video in which I teach him how to open the door by myself. We just connect very well.

“He’s playful, but pretty cool. A lot of people think he’s aggressive, but he’s not. He’s just a big boy with a baby personality. Bain is my best friend. “

Bain isn’t the only Rottweiler to make headlines lately.

An adorable golden retriever has let viewers down with his disastrous attempt to befriend an “alpha” Rottweiler.

In a TikTok video that was viewed nearly 4 million times, Sully the puppy was attempting to grab the attention of the larger dog relaxing in a local park.

The five-month-old puppy in this video tries to stroke the Rottweiler’s face and rolls around on the floor next to the older and less playful dog.

But the Rottweiler continued to ignore the poor pup even though he snuggled right up to him and wagged his tail.

The playful Goldie made several more attempts to win over his stoic companion, who continued to look the other way and ignore him.

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