Thursday, December 2, 2021

Rolls-Royce claims 3 world records with an electric airplane that flew 623 mph

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The company said its “Spirit of Innovation” electric aircraft recently reached record speed in a flight.

Nov. 19 (News) – Rolls-Royce said Friday that the company is setting three new world records, including one for the fastest all-electric vehicle in the world – an airplane that reportedly flew 1003 mph.

Rolls-Royce, another Rolls-Royce Motor Cars company, said three sets of record-breaking dates have been submitted for recognition by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

Rolls-Royce said the Spirit of Innovation holds records for aircraft that can reach a top speed of 345 mph for nearly three miles, 330 mph over five kilometers and climb 9,800 feet in 202 seconds.

The aircraft was developed in collaboration with the powertrain supplier YASA and Electroflight in the Accelerating the Electrification of Flight project.

Fifty percent of the project was funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute, along with the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Innovate UK

The aircraft made its maiden flight in September.

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