Sunday, January 16, 2022

Responsibility for the climate – "If everyone starts, we can do it together"

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It’s easy to point your finger up on climate protection. But doesn’t everyone have to do something for the environment? Personal responsibility is the magic word that t-online readers are discussing.

t-online editor-in-chief Florian Harms advocates that every individual touch their own nose in order to cope with such major challenges as the corona pandemic and climate change. Politicians have to dictate and steer, but the population cannot just sit back and wait for laws to be passed.

“Everyone is challenged” is the title of the “Dawning” episode in which Florian Harms appeals to the individual responsibility of every citizen. A pluralistic democracy can only work if everyone participates, he says. It is simple, but wrong, to hold politicians responsible for failing crises.

We wanted to know from you: What is your position on climate protection and the responsibility of each individual? We received a lot of reader mails; You can read a selection below.

t-online reader Joachim Preiss criticizes: “We only have one world and we systematically destroy it in favor of profit. Constant growth destroys the environment.” He thinks: “Everyone has the opportunity to pay attention to environmentally conscious behavior in their own area of ​​life and to act independently. Many small gears move a large one.”

Furthermore, Joachim Preiss writes: “Everyone can incorporate environmentally conscious considerations into his actions, you just have to want it. But it is easier to leave the responsibility to the others out of convenience.” His fear is: “It has to really hurt before it clicks with the masses. But even then, the finger is pointed again at the policy that has supposedly failed.”

t-online reader Christina Stindl Joachim Preiss agrees: “Climate protection begins on your own doorstep. In the 1980s, for example, there were detergents in a modular system, cosmetics that you can make yourself from health food stores and pharmacies, cleaning products without chemicals. These things have imperceptibly disappeared from the market.”

She also writes: “Electrical devices were geared towards a long service life and could be repaired. At that time, of course, it was already known that something had to be done to protect the environment. Trade and industry then set other priorities,” she notes critically and demands: “All the more it is more important today to be active as an individual. “

t-online reader Hans-Joachim Schumann disrupts the narrative of environmental sinners. “After the end of the Second World War, a democracy that cannot abolish itself was established for the first time in Germany. Its consequences were eliminated with an economic miracle.”

He asks rhetorically: “Does this generation have to expose itself to the accusation of ‘destroying the future’ without being contradicted? Can a generation of Germans without differentiation be found guilty of the industrialization that has been developing widely for hundreds of years and that has also taken place with changes in the environment? Advances in medicine and technology, better and longer lifetimes for people should not be achieved? Without the prosperity that has been experienced, which led to the rapid spread of news and the broadening of knowledge, could today’s standard with perceived normality have been achieved? “

If Hans-Joachim Schumann looks at the size of Germany on the world map and the degree of pollution emanating from this country, “the flood of allegations must be put into perspective for the individual German. We are the many people in Germany who are very responsible for life and their environment, simply and simply guilty. “

t-online reader Birgit Fritzsche consciously uses energy, as she says. “Because in the end I have to and want to be able to pay for it in addition to the environmental impact.”

Her suggestion is: “How about households that consume a lot of energy sent a consultant who also checks the energy efficiency of household use in addition to the theoretical explanation – and it is mandatory. Many people would probably be amazed and probably also happy about it The resulting savings potential. And whoever is unreasonable and continues to mess around with energy, should please pay for it yourself and not call the general public for it. “

t-online reader Meinhard Schulte complains: “Consumption, traffic and resource consumption have long since exceeded any reasonable level and can, at least in Western civilizations, honestly only be described as excessive.”

Schulte says: “Everyone can easily reduce their carbon footprint at least to the normal level on their own responsibility. He also sees government responsibility as well as personal responsibility:” It is also the damned duty of politics to create framework conditions so that those who Show personal responsibility and behave sensibly, not always having to feel like the stupid. “

“Much of Florian Harm’s’ ‘Dawning’ episode is correct, will not change the situation at all,” says t-online reader Lothar Hünefeld. “We live under capitalism, and this system is geared towards the pursuit of profit. We are all subject to it. The hopeless overproduction ensures that the individual cannot escape it.”

As a result, “everyone thinks they have to need all kinds of possible and impossible stuff, for example SUVs. A completely superfluous advertising industry makes it clear to us what we (don’t) need. People lie until the bars bend. For everyone Nonsense, a dubious argument is found, what it should be useful for. The main thing is that I can show my neighbors what I can afford. “

Lothar Hünefeld sees the following basic problem: “Greed is demonstrated from above. So why shouldn’t the little man be greedy? Hoping for insight is completely pointless. We’ll keep going until it’s finally too late. Also Elon Musk and Co. will not be able to escape into space. As long as politics are still babbling about economic growth, we do not need to discuss environmental protection. I’m afraid that the younger generation won’t change that either. “

t-online reader Ernst Mehleit takes the following opinion: “Since it is not the world of a few politicians or business bosses, but the world of all of us, each individual is required to do what he can contribute to it. Everyone can do something. It will be the sum of the many Be deeds that make a difference. “

He is convinced of personal responsibility: “Even if everyone only makes a very small percentage contribution, the mass of many small individual contributions will change the world. If everyone starts and doesn’t wait for others to do something first, then we can do it together “, Ernst Mehleit is certain of that.

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