Monday, October 25, 2021

Reading terrorist attacker loses appeal to life imprisonment

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The Reading assassin has lost an appeal against his life sentence.

Appeal court judges rejected Khairi Saadallah’s attempt to challenge the term on the grounds that his arguments were “devoid of substance.”

The 26-year-old was told he would never be released after murdering three people and injuring three others in a wild knife fight when they met in a park last year.

When convicted in January, a judge said it was “a rare and exceptional case where just punishment requires you to stay in prison for the rest of your life”.

On Thursday, Saadallah appeared before the appeals court via video link from HMP Belmarsh to start his challenge.

The Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett, who was sitting with Mrs. Justice Cheema-Grubb and Mr. Justice Henshaw, decided it was unsuccessful.

Lord Burnett said, “We have come to the conclusion that the criticism of the judge’s conclusions has no substance.”

During the trial, the defense argued that Saadallah should not be given a life sentence, claiming that there was no extremist motivation and that his guilt was reduced by his mental health.

But Mr Justice Sweeney said the rare verdict was a good place to start because of the “exceptionally high” severity of the offenses, the fact that the attack was deliberate and Saadallah’s terrorist motivation.

The judge found that Saadallah did not suffer from a mental disorder that reduced his guilt for the attack and that he “made brutal attempts to portray himself as ‘crazy'” during police interrogations.

He ruled that the attack was committed for “religious, political or ideological reasons” after Saadallah shouted “God is greatest” and “God accept my jihad” in Arabic during the attack.

Saadallah started the rampage in Forbury Gardens on Aug.

The court heard that his attack was so quick and brutal that the men who died had no chance to react or defend themselves.

The Libyan asylum seeker killed the teacher James Furlong (36), the scientist David Wails (49) and the US citizen Joseph Ritchie-Bennett (39).

He also stabbed her friend Stephen Young, who survived, and then moved on to the second group, where he stabbed Patrick Edwards and Nishit Nisudan, who also survived.

In emotional statements about the impact of victims read in court, bereaved relatives shared their torment and said Saadallah had “brutally killed three of the nicest men in the world.”

Upon arrival in the UK, he had committed 16 offenses, including two of racial or religious harassment, eight of violent crimes and two of knife possession.

The day before Saadallah was released from his most recent prison sentence on Jan.

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