Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Putin’s “radical” supporters wanted to kill Zelenskyy and Boris Johnson, says the TV presenter

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Vladimir Putin has threatened the West with nuclear weapons if he intervenes in Ukraine, but a Russian TV presenter has argued that citizens want the president to become even more violent

A Russian political commentator has claimed that the Russian people, and not President Vladimir Putin, are bloodthirsty for the war in Ukraine.

Since Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine more than two months ago, there have been reports of low morale among young soldiers drafted to fight against their neighboring country.

This has caused Russian state television to go into patriotic overdrive, with one presenter warning that the Russian despot is more likely to start World War III by using nuclear missiles than accept defeat in Ukraine.

And in a startling speech, political scientist Sergei Mikheiev criticized the Russian leader for not being more brutal during the invasion.

Sergey unleashed a tirade on Russian state television – translated by journalist Julia Davis and shared online – stressing the Russian people’s will to conflict.

“In our country, many are much more radical than President Putin,” he claimed. “Anyone who thinks that President Putin is tough is wrong.

“Some of them could lie to themselves that there are all these Russians and they all dream of living in a liberal democracy and Putin alone is forcing them to carry out this military operation.”

The ranting propagandist also claimed he often speaks to people who ask him why the Russian state isn’t more aggressive and shouldn’t have taken the Ukrainian president and visiting foreign leaders, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with them.

“The other day this one grandpa came up to me and he asked me, ‘Why are we playing games? When these presidents came to visit [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy, you should have been eliminated along with Zelenskyy and that’s it,” he continued.

“There would be no Ukrainian nation and there would be no one to provide assistance. And throw the others in the same heap so they don’t get arrogant.

“That’s what most Russian men think now. The average Russian citizen’s approach is much harsher and more radical.”

This comes as another Kremlin mouthpiece appeared to threaten Britain with using a Satan 2 missile which it claimed could cause a tsunami.

However, this suggestion was dismissed by a military expert who noted that if this “fantasy weapon” were ever dropped, Russia itself would be annihilated.

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