Sunday, June 26, 2022

Putin “killed more than Hitler in Mauripol” as corpses pollute the water, the mayor says

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Mauripol’s mayor said Vladimir Putin had killed more people in the city than Adolf Hitler in World War II, and warned that the dictator would not stop at Ukraine

Mauripol’s mayor has compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, claiming the Russian leader was responsible for more deaths in the besieged city than the evil Nazi leader.

The city was devastated by Russian troops during the conflict, giving citizens minimal time to flee their destroyed homes.

Speaking to the i-Paper, Vadym Boychenko warned that many thousands of its citizens could die in the coming weeks from an epidemic caused by dead bodies poisoning the city’s water supply.

He also claimed that Putin is a greater evil than Hitler and that Ukraine’s western allies should stop at nothing to help them defeat Russia, as he will not stop at Ukraine.

He said: “The evil that Russia created in Mariupol is even worse than Nazi Germany. During World War II, 10,000 people were killed in Mariupol during a two-year occupation.

“In two months of this bloody war, Russia killed more than 20,000 people. Putin is a greater evil than Hitler and we must stop him.”

The mayor’s language is particularly harrowing considering that Adolf Hitler’s atrocities during World War II claimed the lives of millions, including some six million Jews in the Holocaust.

He also warned that although the Russian bombardment of the city had eased somewhat, conditions inside were “getting worse and worse.”

He added: “People are scared. There is no electricity or gas, no food, but the biggest immediate problem now is drinking water.

“The weather is getting warmer and according to doctors’ estimates, we can expect contagious diseases that will claim thousands of lives.

“There are bodies buried all over the city.

“The soil is being poisoned and it is getting into groundwater, into rivers and into the sea. There will be real, absolute tragedy.”

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