Saturday, June 25, 2022

Putin is turning the Arctic into a new nuclear base and will make it the “battlefield of the future.”

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Vladimir Putin’s reopening of Arctic military bases could be a cause for concern as a report signals the move represents a power grab in an Arctic rich in nuclear resources

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to be preparing plans to make the Arctic the “battlefield of the future”.

A report published by think tank Civitas claims Western forces need to “wake up” to possible Russian plans to militarize the Arctic.

But untapped nuclear resources in the region, totaling £831 billion in raw materials, may be the real draw for Russia’s reopening of 50 Soviet-era military posts.

Plans to control the Far North amid economic worries during the invasion of Ukraine are marking the world’s melting sea ice and polar region as the lifeline for Russian supplies and its economy.

Their hopes of militarizing the area come as Moscow continues to open military bases in the Arctic, dozens of which have opened in the past decade, including 13 air bases and 10 radar stations.

A writer at think tank Civitas, Robert Clark, said: “The Arctic will soon become the geopolitical battleground of the future unless Western governments act urgently.”

Clark’s stern warning comes as melting ice caps in the northernmost part of the world open up new travel routes for potential supplies from those stationed in the polar region.

The think tank researcher also warned that the Arctic’s unexplored natural resources could allow Russia to shift oil and supplies to China.

An arctic shortcut for the North Sea Route, for example, could cut a voyage from Shanghai to Rotterdam to just two weeks.

Russia hopes to gain full control of its close proximity to Arctic trade routes, with claims that Putin will introduce legislation that would ban foreign ships from transporting Russian oil, gas and coal along the route.

The Next Front report also claimed that Putin is pushing for new laws requiring Russian pilotage services for ships using the northern sea route on Russia’s border.

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