Sunday, June 26, 2022

Putin “avoided a pregnant lover” after the shock news that he was going to be a father

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Despot Vladimir Putin is said to have shunned his lover after receiving news that she may be pregnant with his third child. Sources claim Putin sees relatives as a “burden”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have shunned his lover after news of her pregnancy broke last week, a Russian source has claimed.

The Russian despot is said to have at least two children with Olympic gold-medal gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, and a third child could reportedly be on the way.

According to a Telegram channel run by a foreign Russian intelligence agent, Putin reportedly looked “depressed” when he heard the news.

Kabaeva and Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya have both been targeted in a bid to rob Putin of his fortune, with reports saying he keeps his money with those closest and dearest to him.

But the Russian president was unconcerned about the sanctions, and the Telegram post claimed he was “calmly” responding to the news.

A post in the General SVR Telegram said: “He does not care about his ex-wife, he has long been indifferent to her, and the President’s relationship with Alina Kabaeva has recently been difficult to call perfect, and despite the latest news about Alina’s pregnancy.

“Putin clearly did not prepare to become a father again, and Kabaeva’s unplanned pregnancy confused him more than pleased him.”

The post continued: “After finding out that he was going to have another child, he practically did not communicate with Alina, avoided meetings and spent time together, which justified the loss of interest in state affairs.

“On her thirty-ninth birthday on May 12, Kabaeva did not receive formal congratulations and a gift from Putin until the afternoon, which upset her greatly, although the President underwent surgery the next night and was not up to the celebration.”

The unnamed source also claimed that Putin sees his relatives as a “burden” who causes him “unnecessary trouble and inconvenience,” the despot reported, The Mirror reported.

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