Sunday, May 8, 2022

Provisional May election declaration times, in chronological order

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Here is an updated list of provisional declaration times for the elections taking place on May 5 in England, Scotland and Wales.

The main list contains 200 local authorities and has been arranged chronologically.

It is followed by a separate list with details for the seven mayoral elections also taking place on May 5.

Some timings are based on previous elections, and all times are subject to change.

– Local authorities(all times are for Friday May 6 except where stated)Halton 00:05Bolton 00:30Broxbourne 00:30Basildon 01:00Brentwood 01:00Exeter 01:00Hart 01:00Rushmoor 01:00Tameside 01:00Newcastle-upon-Tyne 01:30South Tyneside 01: 30Tamworth 01:30Wigan 01:30Worcester 01:30Amber Valley 02:00Chorley 02:00Croydon 02:00Harlow 02:00Hartlepool 02:00North Tyneside 02:00Plymouth 02:00Redditch 02:00Rochford 02:00Sandwell 02:00Sefton 02:00Sefton 02:00Sefton 02:00Sefton 02:00 00Wirral 02:00Oldham 02:15Cumberland 02:30Fareham 02:30Ipswich 02:30Lincoln 02:30North East Lincolnshire 02:30Peterborough 02:30Preston 02:30Stevenage 02:30Eastleigh 03:00Epping Forest 03:00Hammersmith & Fulham 03:0030Portsmouth 03:00Oxford 00Sheffield 03:00Southend-on-Sea 03:00Tandridge 03:00Waltham Forest 03:00Westminster 03:00Wolverhampton 03:00Colchester 03:30Kingston-upon-Hull 03:30Redbridge 03:30Barking & Dagenham 04:00Coventry 04:00Dudley 04:040Ealing 04:04 00Hillingdon 0400Nuneaton & Bedworth 0400Salford 0400Sutton 0400Bexley 0430Hounslow 0 4:30Derby 5:00Havering 5:00Kensington & Chelsea 5:00Merton 5:00Southampton 5:00Southwark 5:00Richmond-upon-Thames 5:30Wandsworth 5:30Enfield 6:00Stockport 6:00Brent 6:30Barnet 7:00Barnsley 7:120Gateshead 30Moray 12:30Cambridge 13:00Cannock Chase 13:00Comhairle nan Eilean Siar 13:00Huntingdonshire 13:00Orkney Islands 13:00Perth & Kinross 13:00Shetland Islands 13:00Solihull 13:00Walsall 13:00Westmorland & Furness 13:00Catlen4:00Catlendale0mar 13:00Catlen3:30Carthendale0mar 13:00 Point 14:00 Cheltenham 14:00 Conwy 14:00 Crawley 14:00 Dumfries & Galloway 14:00 Dundee 14:00 East Renfrewshire 14:00 Elmbridge 14:00 Inverclyde 14:00 Maidstone 14:00 Rossendale 14:00 Runnymede 14:00 Slough 14:00 Oxford 14:00Argyll & Bute 14:30Burnley 14:30Clackmannanshire 14:30East Lothian 14:30Fife 14:30Havant 14:30Reigate & Banstead 14:30Scottish Borders 14:30Three Rivers 14:30Woking 14:30Aberdeen 15:00Aberdeen.Gwent1:00Angust1:00Angust15:00Angus 15:00Bromley 15:00Caerphilly 15:00Camden 15: 00Denbighshire 15:00East Ayrshire 15:00Flintshire 15:00Hyndburn 15:00Knowsley 15:00Manchester 15:00Merthyr Tydfil 15:00Newcastle-under-Lyme 15:00North Ayrshire 15:00Reading 15:00South Ayrshire 15:00South Ayrshire 15:00Torfa 05:00Stirling 15:00South Cambridgeshire 10:00 :00Trafford 15:00Welwyn Hatfield 15:00West Dunbartonshire 15:00West Lothian 15:00Ceredigion 15:30East Dunbartonshire 15:30Edinburgh 15:30Falkirk 15:30Isle of Anglesey 15:30North Lanarkshire 15:30Rochdale 15:30Adur14Highland 151: Lancadale 15:30Highland 151: Lancashire 15:30 :00Birmingham 16:00Blackburn with Darwen 16:00Glasgow 16:00Haringey 16:00Hastings 16:00Midlothian 16:00Milton Keynes 16:00Mole Valley 16:00Norwich 16:00Rhondda Cynon Taf 16:00Rugby 16:00Somerset 16 16.Stansshire: Lanarkshire :00Leeds 16:30Pendle 16:30Tunbridge Wells 16:30Basingstoke & Deane 17:00Bridgend 17:00Cardiff 17:00Gosport 17:00Gwynedd 17:00Harrow 17:00North Yorkshire 17:00Powys 17:00St Helens 17:00Swanfield1:170Swind :00Watford 17:00Wokingham 17:00Pembrokeshire 17:30Renfrewshire 17:30Bradford 18:00Greenwich 18:00Islington 18:00Lambeth 18:00Lewisham 18:00Monmouthshire 18:00Neath Port Talbot 18:00Newport 18:00Winchester 18:00Kingston-upon-Thames 18:00Kirth9018:30Hackney18:30Hackney :00Newham 19:00Cherwell 19:30Vale of Glamorgan 20:00Bury 20:30Tower Hamlets Saturday May 7 17:00

– Majors(all times are for Friday May 6) Hackney 12:00 Newham 13:00 Lewisham 13:00 Watford 13:00 South Yorkshire 16:00 Tower Hamlets 17:00 Croydon 22:30

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