Sunday, October 17, 2021

Protesters warned against blocking Kingston Bridge during Cop26

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The Head of Operation Police Scotland for the Glasgow Summit issued the warning before Glasgow hosted the event following the climate change protests on the M25.

Insulate Britain’s climate activists have stalled the M25 for the past few weeks calling on the UK government to guarantee all homes are insulated by 2030.

Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Higgins – the gold commander of police operation Cop26 – said people would be taken into custody at similar demonstrations in Glasgow.

The bridge is part of the M8 motorway and runs through central Glasgow, past the SEC – which will serve as the main venue for the summit.

Mr Higgins stressed that Police Scotland will work to facilitate peaceful protests for the duration of the conference, which begins October 31st.

He said: “If we see events similar to those on the M25, where protesters effectively cordon off one of the most important circuits to and from London, firstly it is dangerous – it is dangerous for other road users, it is dangerous for people.” Which are vulnerable in vehicles Could be, and it’s also having a massive, massive impact on business operations across the London metropolitan area.

“For example, if we had a situation where a group of individuals was lying across Kingston Bridge and one of the main thoroughfares in Scotland, which used around 70,000 vehicles a day, effectively came to a halt, then that is something that is real.” Danger to the people who do it, it is a real danger to the road users who cross the bridge.

“We’d act pretty quickly there.”

Mr Higgins went on to say that if a number of protesters were to “sleep in bulk” in George Square, “they can lie there as long as they want”.

“In general, we have a five-step approach to general blockades unless there is a real threat to life – Kingston Bridge, for example.”

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