Wednesday, May 4, 2022

President Joe Biden recognizes Olympians, Paralympians at White House ceremony

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Athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic Games stood behind Biden when he said the country was collectively proud to see them compete, regardless of political stripes. He said they are examples of the “opportunities” that the United States offers to all of its citizens.

May 4th (News) – President Joe Biden welcomed the Summer and Winter Olympic athletes on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday, calling them an inspiration to all U.S. citizens and praising them for bringing the country together during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You gave people so much hope,” Biden said at the ceremony. “The pandemic has made training and competing much more difficult and tiring, but you made it. We were impressed not only with your incredible athleticism but also with your stamina and state of mind.

Biden told the athletes how they handled winning and losing was “amazing.”

Speaking on behalf of the athletes, bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor said the White House visit was a dream come true. Taylor herself was diagnosed with COVID-19 when she arrived for the Beijing Winter Games but was still able to compete after her recovery.

Taylor, a five-time Olympian, became the most decorated bobsledder in history, winning the bronze medal in the two-man women’s bobsleigh final in Beijing with Sylvia Hoffman.

“This is a moment that’s really beyond the imagination of a lot of our dreams,” Taylor said. “One that many of us thought would never be possible. We’ve been through a lot – a pandemic, a postponement, a war – but this team is resilient.

“We came together and saved. We hope that we have made this country proud. We are Team USA.”

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