Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Police violence in the USA – Bodycam shows the brutal arrest of a paraplegic

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Shocking footage from the USA: police officers drag a paralyzed man out of his car, force him to the ground, drag him to the police car – and a body cam films everything.

Once again, scenes of police violence caused a stir in the United States: at the end of September, a black man was brutally arrested in the state of Ohio after he did not obey the police officer’s instructions to get out of his car. The problem: The man is paraplegic, which he repeatedly emphasized to the emergency services.

You can see the brutal scenes recorded by the bodycam of one of the policemen involved here or in the video above.

According to police, the 39-year-old was targeted after leaving a house observed in connection with a drug offense. He has now filed a complaint against the police, claiming that he was only stopped because of the color of his skin.

Police said over $ 22,000 was found in his car after he was arrested. A drug sniffer reported that the money had previously been in the vicinity of illegal drugs. However, the driver denies being involved in a drug offense. He is now being prosecuted for resisting his arrest.

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