Sunday, October 17, 2021

Police chief who said Sarah Everard should have resisted the arrest

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The North Yorkshire Police and Detective Superintendent has resigned after saying that women like Sarah Everard should have been more “street-like”.

Philip Allot’s comments came after it was revealed that former Met officer Wayne Couzens used a fake arrest to kidnap Ms. Everard and subsequently rape and murder her.

Mr Allot’s resignation comes after the North Yorkshire Police and Detective Commissioner unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in him this morning.

In an open letter, the former commissioner said he was trying to “restore confidence in my work as Police, Fire and Detective Commissioner of York and North Yorkshire” after making the comments in an interview with Radio York.

“I have pronounced myself wrong and I am devastated by the impact this has had on crime victims and the groups that support them. I’ve tried over and over again to say this, but I realize that what I said wasn’t always heard as I intended, ”he said.

He added: “Victims and the groups that support them need to be heard. They cannot be heard when the airwaves are filled with discussions about my future. ”

Mr. Allot went on to say that victims of violence against women and girls cannot be heard “when the airwaves are filled with discussions about their future”.

“That is why I am doing the honorable thing and resigning as police, fire brigade and detective superintendent – to restore confidence in the office, which in my opinion will be almost impossible, and to make the voices of the victims heard without the voice of distraction persistent excitement that surrounds me, ”said Mr. Allot.

Mr. Allott submitted his resignation in an open letter to the Selby District Council Chairman and the Police Area Election Officer.

He was accused of blaming victims after saying in a radio interview that women should consider “street” arrest powers and that Ms. Everard, whose family lives in York, would not be under arrest by her killer Wayne Couzens should have “submitted” a police officer on duty.

“So the first thing women need to know is when they can and cannot be arrested. You should never have been arrested and subjected to, “he said in the interview.

Simon Dennis, chief executive of the Office of the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said a new commissioner would be selected.

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said the resignation was “absolutely right”. Philip Allott resigns after his appalling remarks.

“His horrific comments show that misogyny needs to be addressed and the response from the community shows that it will no longer be tolerated,” said the MP.

“Once again we have seen a total failure of the Tory leadership. You should have forced him to leave two weeks ago when Keir Starmer called for it. “

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