Monday, January 17, 2022

PM will have to quit if he’s broken the lockdown rules, says the Scottish Tory leader

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Boris Johnson should resign if it is found he has violated the lockdown rules, said the Conservative leader in Scotland.

Douglas Ross said the Prime Minister should make it clear immediately if he would

Mr Ross described the situation as “a complete mess” to Sky News: “This is a complete mess. It undermines everything the government does. “

“People are rightly angry at these revelations for following the rules, sacrificing all of these things in May 2020, and it looks like some of the top governments haven’t.”

Downing Street has insisted that it will not comment on allegations related to the event while Whitehall Mandarin Sue Gray is investigating a number of suspected parties.

But Mr Ross said the Prime Minister needn’t wait for Ms. Gray to answer – or even keep silent until he faces MPs in the House of Commons on the Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday.

“I’m angry, people all over Scotland and all of the UK are angry,” he said.

“I can understand this feeling of anger, anger and anger that people are feeling across the UK right now.”

Mr Ross said there was no reason the Prime Minister could not break his silence whether he attended the May 20th party.

“’Anticipating Sue Gray’s investigation is no pretense when the Prime Minister comes in and says whether he was at the party or not.

“This is a crucial question that Sue Gray’s investigation will not undermine in any way. It will now let the public know whether he was there or not.

“This is a crucial question that shouldn’t wait for questions from the Prime Minister tomorrow. We should hear the answer now. “

Mr. Ross added, “If he has broken his own guidelines, if he has not been honest, then this is an extremely important issue. And I said earlier that if the Prime Minister has misled Parliament he must resign.

“If there’s nothing to hide here, if there’s no problem, then just answer the question.

“And if so, then that is an assumption that he himself violated the guidelines his government had put in place – the guidelines that kept people from going to family members’ funerals, those that kept people from mourning together.

“Doctors and nurses were working flat out to get this virus under control, and people across the country were following some of the toughest guidelines we’ve seen.

“If the Prime Minister and others in No. 10 broke these guidelines when a cabinet minister told people what to expect of them earlier that afternoon, but in the back of No. 10 people enjoying the sun in the garden were me find that absolutely despicable. “

Mr Ross said Mr Johnson could “absolutely not” stay if it was found he had broken the law.

“This is a law that has suffered voters across the country. They have been fined, they have been punished for breaking the rules enacted by the UK government.

“If the UK government and the Prime Minister break these rules, they too must be punished.”

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