Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Passengers tinkering with a vintage camera trigger fear of bombs and evacuate aircraft

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The horror forced an American Airlines flight from Indianapolis to LaGuardia Airport, New York, to make a dramatic emergency landing. Passengers were evacuated using the inflatable slides

An airplane passenger “tinkering with a vintage camera” set off a bomb explosion that forced a flight to make an emergency landing.

An American Airlines flight from Indianapolis, USA to LaGuardia Airport, New York, had to land on the aircraft’s evacuation slides on Saturday afternoon and evacuate passengers.

The incident is believed to have started after a mother noticed other passengers were viewing videos and pictures on a vintage camera, according to the New York Daily News.

She began to fear that the man was looking for instructions on how to build the bomb.

The pilot of the aircraft informed air traffic control via radio that they had to vacate the runway to make room for an emergency landing.

After the plane was on the ground, the suspected bomber was forced to lie face down on the tarmac after the plane was evacuated using the inflatable slides.

The passenger’s bags were searched and authorities discovered a skateboard and another vintage camera.

A video captured by fellow travelers showed firefighters surrounding the suspect while confused travelers waited for the incident.

All 78 passengers were successfully evacuated and it later turned out that the security scare was a misunderstanding.

The man’s identity was not disclosed by the authorities and he was released for release by officials.

One passenger wrote on Instagram that the evacuation was “the worst experience ever”.

Port Authority spokesman Tom Topousis said, “The JTTF [Joint Terrorism Task Force], the FBI and Port Authority Police determined that the passenger was not a criminal and he was released. “

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