Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Parliamentary inquiry begins asking witnesses for Partygate evidence

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You will be asked not only for evidence of the parties, but also for the briefing Boris Johnson was given in response to inquiries from Latest Page News and the Daily Mirror.

For example, the committee wants to know what No 10 says Mr Johnson should say about the scandal in the media and in Parliament.

In other words, of course, whether there was an attempt to mislead.

Witnesses will be offered anonymity but their testimony will be shared with Mr Johnson so he can respond.

It means that some courage is required.

You must be willing to piss off a former prime minister. Not a small enemy to make, and I know some are torn about what to do.

You can also imagine that the most difficult part for the Privileges Committee will be getting the briefings Mr Johnson received when the scandal broke in the media.

It was one of the biggest news stories of our time – and it’s still not over. So what did Boris Johnson know about the infamous Downing Street parties? With fresh revelations from our source number 10, in their own words, listen to the inside story…

Most of the advisors loyal to Mr. Johnson at that moment all went down with him. will they speak

A spokesman for the Privileges Committee told Latest Page News: “The Committee has sent letters to people who may have knowledge relevant to the present inquiry into Boris Johnson MP, asking them to provide written evidence.

“The committee is requesting that written evidence be submitted by Tuesday, February 7th. All written evidence must be accompanied by a statement of truth.

“The committee may make further requests for additional information.”

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