Saturday, June 25, 2022

Paper airplane makes record-breaking 252-foot flight in South Korea

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The paper airplane was designed by Malaysia’s Chee Yie Jian, folded by South Korea’s Shin Moo Joon and launched by South Korea’s Kim Kyu Tae.

May 19 (News) – A trio of paper airplane enthusiasts broke a Guinness World Record in South Korea when they sent a folded plane for a 252-foot, 7-inch flight.

Kim threw the plane eight times, reaching a distance of 252 feet and 7 inches on his best throw. The throw earned the Guinness World Record for farthest flight of a paper airplane by quarterback Joe Ayoob and paper airplane designer John M. Collins, whose folded flying machine achieved a distance of 226 feet 10 inches in 2012.

“My design coupled with Shin’s wing modifications/adjustments and Kim’s ‘missile arm’ is a winning combination, so I wasn’t worried,” Chee Yie Jian told Guinness World Records.

Chee formed the “Shin Kim Chee Team” after a 2019 attempt to break the world record failed. Chee was not present at the record attempt and never met the other two men in person, but he and Shin have corresponded for years.

“The paper airplane community is small but global because everyone knows everyone online,” Chee said. “I’ve known Shin for almost a decade now and we’re constantly discussing new ways to fly higher, farther and longer via email and social media.”

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