Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Panic over monstrous 13ft great white shark ‘Breton’ found perilously close to beach

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A terrifying great white shark named “Breton” weighing a whopping 1,500 pounds and measuring over 13 feet long has sparked panic after being sighted off the Florida coast

A giant great white shark has sparked panic after being found just off the coast of a busy US lagoon system.

The monstrous sea creature, known as the Breton, was spotted by a tracker hosted in Florida by marine research organization OCEARCH.

OCEARCH is marking the locations of great white sharks to learn more about the behavior of the endangered creatures.

They are marked as “ping” on the state-of-the-art tracker when their fins make contact with the water surface.

Breton reportedly weighs almost 1,500 pounds and measures an alarming 13 feet.

The Indian River Lagoon consists of a series of rivers and lagoons – it is located on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Florida’s Atlantic coast is best known for its bull sharks, but great white sharks have also swum the system before.

The creepy creatures often invade the waterway when large amounts of loot are in the area.

Breton swam near the North Carolina coast in May.

He wasn’t the only great white shark in the area either, in fact he was joined by Ironbound, a 1,000-pound great white shark.

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Although great white sharks usually travel in solidarity, two of them have recently been spotted swimming in the same direction.

In other news, a fisherman had a Jaws-like moment when he was on a fishing trip with his son and came within inches of a great white shark.

Pennsylvania’s Jim Piazza and his son Jayden were traveling to Sea Isle City, New Jersey for a vacation as he took his new boat out on a fishing trip on Saturday (June 4).

While fishing, a great white shark almost half the size of his 23-foot boat swam right past his boat just half a mile offshore.

In the video he posted, Jayden throws a fish at the shark while Jim pans the camera to show the size of the apex predator and says, “Look at that monster.

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