Monday, November 29, 2021

Outrage over "Daily Topics"-Interview Lindner apologizes for corona statements

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Do contact restrictions and curfews have no effect on the corona situation? This is what FDP boss Christian Lindner claimed in a TV interview. Now it is correcting itself and regretting its mistake.

The FDP chairman Christian Lindner has made it clear that he does not deny the effectiveness of contact restrictions for containing the corona pandemic. Previously, statements made by him in the ARD “Tagesthemen” were sometimes understood differently and met with outrage on the Internet.

On Saturday Lindner wrote on Twitter: “If I was misunderstood in the” Tagesthemen “, I regret it. Because I promote consistent and effective measures! I do not doubt contact restrictions, but only, for example, the proportionality of curfews for vaccinated people.

In the program, he was asked by presenter Ingo Zamperoni why, with the expiry of the legal status of the epidemic emergency, national scope, containment options such as exit or contact restrictions would be dispensed with. “Because these measures are not effective according to scientific studies and because German courts have already rejected such exit restrictions,” Lindner replied.

In response to Zamperoni’s incredulous question whether he really claims that contact restrictions and bans on going out are not effective: “There are scientific studies on the effectiveness of exit restrictions, for example for people who have been vaccinated, who do not curb the incidence of infection.”

On the Internet, he had been accused of ignoring scientific knowledge. In some cases, he was denied the ability to govern. The Göttingen physicist Viola Priesemann, who deals with corona issues, offered him via Twitter to provide clarification.

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