Saturday, June 25, 2022

Outrage as an Adolf Hitler-loving police officer named “Officer of the Year”.

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Ismail Quran made several anti-Semitic comments on social media site Twitter, including claims that “Jews rule the world,” which is a popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

A police officer who tweeted “F**k the Jews” and called Nazi leader Adolf Hitler “Hitler the Great” was named “Officer of the Year” by his squad.

Ismail Quran received the 2019 award from the Cleveland Police Department — along with a medal for outstanding service.

He is now under investigation by senior officials after historic tweets were brought to light this week.

In 2014, using the username iSH NYC, @ish_1988, Quran wrote: “F*** that Jew”.

And he also posted a picture of Adolf Hitler with the words: “Let me salute Hitler the Great.

“He said, ‘I would have killed all the Jews in the world, but I kept some to show why I killed them.’

The tweets were highlighted by anti-Semitism campaign group Canaray Mission.

He also tweeted in 2015 that “Jews rule the world,” which is a popular conspiracy theory among anti-Semitic groups.

Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, senior public information officer for the Cleveland Division of Police, told Cleveland Jewish News yesterday, “The Police Division is aware of this matter and has been referred to the Department of Internal Affairs for investigation.”

World Jewry reacted with horror to the award on social media

Oscar-nominated British writer and comedian Lee Kern tweeted: “This is crazy and unacceptable.

“American Jews – no one but you will fight for zero tolerance of this bullshit. “Should this racist b***** even wear a police uniform let alone get an award?”

And Liora Rez, founder and executive director of, said: “Imagine what he would do if he had a Jewish citizen to interact with?

“The fact that a fanatic or a racist got an award (for their work) two years ago, and if you’d replaced any minority other than a Jew, that guy would have been on his butt in 0.2 seconds.”

Cleveland Jewish News tried to reach the officer on Facebook but had yet to receive a response.

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