Sunday, June 26, 2022

One dead, one injured in San Francisco Muni train shootout

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Myrna Melgar, District 7 chief in San Francisco, said so was shot between Forest Hill and Castro Muni train stations, and the suspect ran off the train at Castro train station and remains at large.

June 22 (News) — One person was killed and another injured in a shooting on a Muni train in San Francisco on Wednesday, authorities said.

The shooting happened around 10 a.m., police said.

One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the other was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

A Muni spokesman said a gate agent at Forest Hill station heard gunshots as the train exited the station and called 911. The police then rushed to the train at Castro station and found the victims but not the suspect.

The suspect was described as a man wearing dark clothing, including a hooded jacket.

Police tried to determine if there were any possible links between the suspect and the victims and what the motive for the shooting was.

“Sounds like there was an altercation on the subway between Forest Hill and Castro between people who may have known each other,” Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said.

San Francisco Police Department Kathryn Winters said police will be reviewing video from the crime scene as part of the investigation.

“All Muni trains and all Muni stations have video. We have personnel working to retrieve this video so that it can be analyzed and anything determined that will help us,” Winters said.

Trains were briefly suspended after the shooting, but were back in service by 2 p.m

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