Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Observe: ‘Unpatriotic’ raccoons repeatedly invade an officer’s home and poop on the flag

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Sam Fein, an Albany County assemblyman representing the 6th Circuit, said raccoons have entered his home in Albany’s South End three times in the past few weeks.

16 Sep (News) — A county official in New York said his home had been repeatedly raided by raccoons – and one of the “unpatriotic” animals pooped on a flag.

Fein said the first incident was when he left a back door open for his cat, the second was when he had a cat door installed, and the third involved the raccoons chewing through a screen to gain entry.

Lawmakers said the latest incident happened while he was visiting Lake George for the weekend and received a call from his neighbors about mysterious noises coming from his apartment.

“I have an indoor camera, so I logged into my camera and saw that I have a raccoon in my house,” Fein told WNYT/WHEC.

He said the returning visitors stole groceries, ransacked his belongings and left some unsavory messes.

“I noticed they got into a closet with a folded American flag and pooped on the American flag,” Fein said.

He told the Albany Times-Union the incident must have been “an unpatriotic raccoon.”

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