Thursday, December 2, 2021

Not treated due to vaccination status? Unvaccinated man autopsied after death in hospital

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After the death of a man in a Karlsruhe clinic, the public prosecutor has launched an investigation. An autopsy should provide new knowledge. The question in the room is: Was the man not treated because he was not vaccinated?

After the death of an allegedly unvaccinated patient who is said not to have been treated at the Karlsruhe Clinic, the man was autopsied on Thursday. The first results could be available on Friday, said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office.

The authority is currently conducting a so-called death investigation. The man is alleged to have not been cared for because of his vaccination status and therefore died. The police had received several reports. A video had previously emerged that is said to show the man lying on the floor in a room in the clinic.

The authenticity of the video is being checked; further details were not disclosed with reference to the ongoing investigation. It is unclear, among other things, with which complaints the man came to the hospital and whether he might have refused treatment.

The clinic is also not making any comments at the moment. At the beginning of the week, she decidedly rejected the allegations in a press release and, in turn, filed a criminal complaint.

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