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“Nosferatu” serial killer mutilated girls and sent remains with cryptic notes to their parents

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WARNING: Worrying Content: Tsutomu Miyazaki, an anime-obsessed serial killer with deformed hands that made him look like a vampire, killed and dismembered four little girls before he was caught

Before the mysterious box arrived at her home in Tokyo, Mari Konno’s parents had held on to the hope that their four-year-old daughter was still alive.

Five months earlier, on August 22, 1988, the wide-eyed young woman had been kidnapped while playing at a friend’s house, and despite a major police search, nothing was to be seen of her. Until now.

When they opened the package, they found an ash container, a couple of teeth, a photo of the outfit Mari had disappeared with, and a piece of paper that said, “Mari. Cremated. Bone. Investigate. Prove.”

Her worst fears were confirmed – her daughter was dead.

But it wasn’t until Tsutomu Miyazaki, 26, was arrested almost a year later that they learned what happened to her after she was strangled.

The anime-obsessed loner stripped her naked, raped her corpse, and left her body in the hills.

After it decomposed, he returned, dismembered her before she burned her remains, and cut off her hands and feet that were found in a closet in his bedroom.

The horror of Miyazaki’s four young victims must have been multiplied by the sight of his unusually long, bony hands, the result of a rare birth defect that prevented him from moving his wrists up.

Photos of the dead-eyed pedophile show extraterrestrial digits with uncut nails, which earned him the nickname “Vampire Killer” or “Nosferatu in real life”.

Bullied at school, Miyazaki spent a lot of time with his grandfather and a man with learning difficulties who was paid to act as a nanny.

As a teenager, he became increasingly withdrawn, watching anime, bloody horror films, and child porn, and sneaking around women in college where he studied photography by taking sneaky photos of their steps.

When his grandfather died, just months before he murdered Mari Konno, Miyazaki ate some of the old man’s ashes and told police that he wanted to “keep something from him.”

It was the beginning of a downward spiral into unforgivable depths of depravity.

A few weeks after eating the ashes, Miyazaki became violent when his sister caught him spying on her while she was showering. His mother, angry at her son’s perversions, was similarly attacked when she requested that he spend less time watching his precious videotapes.

In 1988, two other children were killed – seven-year-old Masami Yoshizawa on October 3 and four-year-old Erika Namba on December 12.

The girls were each lured into his car before being taken to the outskirts of Tokyo to be murdered and sexually abused after death.

The Japanese police realized they were dealing with a serial killer and the press was full of references to the “little girl’s killer.”

Both of her parents – as well as Mari Konno’s – were exposed to threatening anonymous phone calls and cryptic messages in the mail. The Nambas received one written from words cut from magazines that read, “Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death.”

Miyazaki didn’t kill again until June 6, 1989, when he snatched five-year-old Ayako Nomoto after persuading her to have her photographed in his car.

When she mentioned his deformed hands, he flew into an area and strangled her.

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