Wednesday, October 27, 2021

North Korean soldiers bend iron bars with their throats while Kim Jong-un smiles and watches

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The elite soldiers put concrete slabs on their chests and lay on broken glass to demonstrate their strength and bravery in the military show in front of their leader, Kim Jong-un

Shirtless North Korean soldiers were filmed unfolding their powers in front of their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, by beating concrete, lying on broken glass, and bending iron bars with their throats.

The footage released by state media is the latest show of force by the “invincible” North Korean military.

In one scene, a soldier demonstrates his strength when his colleagues put concrete slabs on his bare chest and smash them with a sledgehammer.

Two other trained soldiers bend an iron bar by placing it around their necks.

The camera also shows Kim smiling and cheering enthusiastically as he sits among ranks of senior military officials.

His sister Kim Yo-jong, who sits further back, seems less impressed as she expresses the stunt without much emotion.

A fearless soldier lies on top of a pile of broken glasses while holding a massive concrete slab on his chest.

The exhibition marks the 76th anniversary of the ruling North Korean Workers’ Party.

Delivering a speech on the show, Kim said, “The US has often signaled that it is not hostile to our state, but there is no action-based evidence to lead us to believe that it is not hostile.

“The US continues to cause tension in the region with its wrong judgments and actions.”

North Korea is banned by the UN from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, but has repeatedly disregarded these bans and has been severely sanctioned as a result.

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The retired country recently tested a long-range cruise missile.

The fearsome train-fired weapon hit a target 800 km away from the sea precisely, the official Korean Central News Agency of Pyongyang reported.

The North Korean leader was seen wearing a dark suit and light blue tie, which sparked renewed speculation outside of North Korea that this might be related to his health.

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