Sunday, October 17, 2021

North Korea “whips drugs and weapons at terrorists to get cash,” claims defectors

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The high-profile defector Kim Kuk-song worked for the regime for 30 years before fleeing to South Korea in fear for his life. He claims the north whipped illegal drugs and weapons against terrorists

North Korea is whipping terrorists with illegal drugs and weapons to raise revolutionary funds, a senior defector claimed.

Kim Kuk-song worked for 30 years for the withdrawn regime under Kim Jong-un and the father and grandfather of the current dictator.

He worked his way up to the top of the powerful North Korean espionage service before fleeing to South Korea for his life in 2014.

Kim claims he built an illegal drugs laboratory to raise “revolutionary” funds. He also says he helped arrange arms sales to the Middle East and Africa.

He told the BBC: “In North Korea, terrorism is a political instrument that protects the highest dignity of Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.

“It was a gift to demonstrate the successor’s loyalty to his great leader.”

Kim Kuk-song also claims that in May 2009 the chain of command was issued to form a “terrorist task force” to assassinate a former North Korean official who defected to the south.

But the attempted assassination failed. Two majors in the North Korean Army are still serving ten years in prison in Seoul for the conspiracy.

North Korea’s capital Pyongyang always denied participation, claiming that South Korea staged the attempt.

The defector also claims that illegal drug production peaked during the devastating famine in North Korea in the 1990s – much like the shocking situation the country is currently experiencing.

He said, “Drug production in Kim Jong-ils North Korea peaked during the Arduous March (a term used to describe the famine).

“Drug production in Kim Jong-ils North Korea peaked during the Arduous March. At that time, the Operations Department ran out of revolutionary funds for the Supreme Leader.

“After I was assigned the task, I brought three foreigners to North Korea from abroad, built a production base in the training center of Liaison Office 715 of the Labor Party and produced drugs.

“It was ICE (crystal meth). Then we could convert it to dollars and give it to Kim Jong-il as a present.”

Kim Kuk-song claims that the money raised from ill-gotten gains was used to increase the North Korean leader’s wealth, including building mansions, buying cars, designer clothes, and other luxury items.

Estimates of the death toll from ongoing food shortages in North Korea in the 1990s range from hundreds of thousands to a million people.

Another source of income is illegal arms sales to the rouge state of Iran, according to Mr. Kim.

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