Monday, November 29, 2021

News blog Covid-19 Verdi boss warns of compulsory vaccination: "Exacerbates the shortage of staff"

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The head of the service company Verdi has expressed great concerns about mandatory vaccination. The shortage of personnel would worsen in the professional groups concerned. All information in the news blog.

The corona pandemic has had Germany and the world firmly under control since 2020. The number of new infections is currently high, especially in Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. Recently, more than 50,000 new infections were reported within one day. The vaccinations are only progressing slowly. Around 67 percent of the population are currently fully vaccinated.

“The vaccination rate in areas such as nursing, health care and daycare centers is very high in relation to the average of the population,” says Verdi boss Frank Werneke. “If people now think about compulsory vaccination, it does not mean that significantly more people are vaccinated, but that even more people will leave their jobs. This exacerbates the shortage of staff in all areas concerned.” In addition, the politicians are becoming implausible because they have ruled out a compulsory vaccination, added the union chairman.

In view of the dramatic worsening of the corona situation, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for greater efforts to combat the pandemic. “In these weeks, in which the fourth wave hits us with brutal severity, in which thousands are again wrestling with the virus in the intensive care units, in which children, adolescents and, above all, many unvaccinated people are infected, in these weeks we have to do more to break this wave, “said Steinmeier on Monday in a panel discussion in Berlin’s Bellevue Palace. At the same time he called on those who were still hesitant to get vaccinated now.

“When I hear that people who are wrestling with the virus in hospitals still deny that this virus exists, I am deeply shocked,” said Steinmeier. This is tragic and worries him deeply. “If you are still hesitant about getting vaccinated, I want to ask you directly today: What still has to happen to convince you?” So he asked again: “Get vaccinated! It’s about your health and it’s about the future of your country!”

The fourth wave hits us harder than it should hit us, said Steinmeier. “Because we know what to do to finally put this pandemic behind us. We can all know.” Most people got vaccinated to protect themselves and others. “Those who don’t get vaccinated are putting their own health at risk and they are putting us all at risk.” It is mainly unvaccinated people who are currently infected with the virus. And it is above all unvaccinated people who are fighting for their lives in the intensive care units.

In Austria, the vaccine-skeptical head of the right-wing FPÖ, Herbert Kickl, has Covid-19. The politician reported on Facebook on Monday that he and his family members had symptoms. “Unfortunately, I have to inform you that I received the message from the health authorities today that a PCR test that I submitted yesterday is positive,” wrote the 53-year-old party leader.

During the pandemic, the FPÖ rejected the government’s corona measures as restrictions on freedom. At the beginning of November Kickl presented a “Plan B” against the virus. In his view, the early treatment of Covid-19 should be relied on instead of the vaccination, which has produced too many serious courses and fatalities. He also mentioned the anti-wormer drug ivermectin, which can be used against the disease.

With his campaign against vaccinations and for not recommended therapies, Kickl clearly opposed medical doctrine. Doctors and the government have therefore repeatedly sharply criticized Kickl.

The financing is regulated for the planned acceleration of the corona vaccinations in Germany: The federal government will now pay half of the vaccination centers in the federal states until at least the end of April 2022, according to a regulation signed by the managing health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) on Monday. So far, this was planned until the end of the year. In addition, practice doctors are to receive 28 euros per vaccination as compensation from this Tuesday instead of the previous 20 euros and 36 euros on weekends.

Spahn told the German Press Agency: “The vaccination campaign has to pick up speed again. That way we protect ourselves better in the second winter of the pandemic.” The doctors in private practice and the vaccination centers play a decisive role in this. That is why the federal states are given planning security when financing the vaccination centers. “And we are noticeably improving the fees for every single vaccination in the doctor’s office.”

When it comes to vaccinations, the focus is currently also on boosting vaccinations that were a long time ago, especially for several million elderly people.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) urges that the federal and state governments pull together in view of the worsening corona situation in Germany. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday in Berlin that “joint and unified action by the federal and state governments” is important. There is “a clear deterioration in the pandemic situation”. The Prime Minister’s Conference (MPK) this Thursday is urging. What is needed is a common idea of ​​additional measures above a threshold value for hospitalizations.

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