Saturday, June 25, 2022

Newlywed bride killed in horror golf buggy accident on honeymoon

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A young bride’s honeymoon ended in tragedy after her golf buggy overturned while her husband was making an about-face. Tragically, Marina Morgan, 29, died from her injuries

A newlywed bride was tragically killed on her honeymoon in Australia when the golf buggy her husband was driving overturned violently while making a U-turn.

Marina Morgan and her new husband Robbie were celebrating their wedding on Hamilton Island when the horrific accident happened.

Mr Morgan escaped unharmed but his 29-year-old wife tragically died at the scene, reports said.

After the accident, a team of spontaneous first responders, including a doctor, an off-duty dentist and an off-duty firefighter, rushed to the couple’s aid.

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Ms Morgan underwent 35 minutes of CPR but to no avail, reports Der Spiegel.

The Sydney couple had been married for just 10 days when Mrs Morgan died.

Queensland Police Inspector Anthony Cowan, speaking to the media, described the death as a “tragic accident” and said there was “no evidence of alcohol or dangerous driving”.

“It was just a tragic accident with a golf buggy,” he said in quotes reported by The Sun.

“There may have been some inexperience in driving these types of vehicles while turning rolled onto her side and the woman fell out and sustained life-threatening injuries.

“It just seems like inexperience driving this type of vehicle, spinning too fast and rolling onto its side and unfortunately that’s the result.

“It appears that no seat belt was worn at the time; We’ll get back to the Fatal Five, but now isn’t the time to think about what they should have done.”

Inspector Cowan added that when Robbie tried to do a U-turn the vehicle’s battery was low and he may have wanted to return to a charging station.

Graeme McIntyre, acting director of the Queensland Ambulance Service for Mackay District, added that Ms Morgan had been placed in a “sideways position to clear her airway” but was already in cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived.

Hamilton Island is a popular tourist destination off Queensland’s east coast and golf buggies are the primary mode of transportation.


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