Monday, November 28, 2022

New York psychiatrist sentenced in sledgehammer murder plot case

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A New York psychiatrist who pleaded guilty to plotting the death of her child’s father by a sledgehammer was sentenced to 11 years in state prison on Tuesday, but not before a dramatic moment in court when Pamela Buchbinder attempted to have her lawsuit dismissed . She claimed she was hacked up by guards and got contacted on the prison bus by people who smoked K2.

The judge pushed ahead with the sentencing, handing out the agreed sentence of 11 years in prison, followed by five years under supervision. Buchbinder has already served 5 years in prison.

Buchbinder, 52, admitted burglary and attempted assault for manipulating her 19-year-old cousin, Jacob Nolan, into killing Michael Weiss at Weiss’ home office in November 2012. The conspiracy followed a custody battle over their then 5-year-old child.

Weiss spoke about his ongoing struggles in court ahead of Buchbinder’s sentencing.

“While I’m grateful that this day has come, it hasn’t brought me the sense of relief or sense of completion that I was hoping for. Although it has been almost 10 years since I was attacked, I still struggle with the emotional and physical scars from what happened to me on November 12, 2012,” Weiss said.

Buchbinder, who was a practicing psychiatrist, was labeled an evil genius in court, a label her lawyer dismissed.

“I don’t know them as evil or genius — just opportunistic statements,” said defense attorney Eric Franz.

Buchbinder accompanied Nolan to the Home Depot on West 23rd Street the night before the November 2012 attack and paid cash for a £10 sledgehammer. Buchbinder also gave her cousin a kitchen knife to use in the attack.

Buchbinder drew a map for Nolan and directed him to enter Weiss’s building. Once inside, Nolan repeatedly swung a sledgehammer at Weiss and repeatedly stabbed him.

“I still find it difficult to understand how any of this could have happened, and I’m struggling to understand the kind of hate that would drive someone to plan such a deliberate, personal and brutal attack,” Weiss said.

In 2016, Nolan was sentenced to 9 years in New York State Penitentiary for attempted murder.

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