Thursday, May 5, 2022

Naval officer “forced new naval recruits to drink human semen” mixed with fish sauce

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Naval officer Taksin Ngokpilai has been arrested and is set to be released after allegedly forcing new recruits to drink a mixture of human semen and fish paste in a video that has now gone viral online

A naval officer in Thailand has been jailed after footage of him allegedly forcing new recruits to drink human semen went viral on the internet.

The clip is said to have been filmed at a naval training camp in Chon Buri Sattahip, Thailand, last October, but the now-viral clip only recently surfaced.

The video reportedly shows a sergeant punishing new draftees by forcing them to take a sip of semen mixed with fish sauce, with the bizarre and disturbing punishment caught on camera.

Second-class corporal Taksin Ngokpilai was accused of force-feeding his new recruits and was jailed for 30 days.

A Royal Navy official said Ngokpilai would be held for 30 days and released from duty at a later date.

Also to be suspended are the senior officers of the second-class officer, the commander of the Royal Thai Marine Corps security branch for seven days and the command and service company of the branch chief for 15 days, according to reports.

The conscripts shown in the video are said to have completed their six-month training course and have since been discharged from service.

Conscription in Thailand is compulsory for people over the age of 21.

The system for the country has 21-year-olds and older entered into an annual lottery system where they draw a “red” card, meaning two years of service, or a “black” card, meaning an exemption.

Alternatively, those eligible for the draft can volunteer their services and receive reduced tenure in the military, Vice reported.

Royal Thai Navy Vice Admiral Pokkrong Monthatphalin apologized to the conscripts and their families for the alleged abuse, with Monthatphalin claiming the Navy never had a policy of using force as punishment.

A Navy investigative panel found the allegation well founded and Taksin was jailed for 30 days and is set to be released.

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