Monday, November 28, 2022

Natalia Bryant’s alleged stalker is obsessed with guns, wants ‘Kobe-like child,’ court docs say

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LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Court documents show Natalia Bryant, the daughter of Vanessa and the late Kobe Bryant, has a stalker and that the harassment has escalated over the past two years to the point that the 19-year-old no longer feels safe.

“Given all the trauma she’s already gone through from the tragic loss of her father, she doesn’t need any of this,” said Lou Shapiro, a Los Angeles-based criminal attorney. “Unfortunately, people in the spotlight who are well-known and have well-known last names are more likely to be subject to such harassment.”

The disturbing behavior is apparently fueled by one man’s obsession with Natalia Bryant and her late father. Bryant is in the process of seeking a restraining order against 32-year-old Sun Valley native Dwayne Kemp.

It started with reposts and comments and eventually led to direct messages on Instagram and disturbing comments on Bryant’s posts, according to the court documents.

A direct message was a reply to Natalia, who posted a picture of Kobe Bryant, with Kemp writing, “Grateful he bore you, hopefully we can bear him… ‘Kobe’.”

The court document said the message indicated that Kemp was hoping “that he and Ms. Bryant can have a Kobe-like child together.”

Court documents show the harassment escalated. Kemp showed up at Bryant’s USC fraternity house and was spotted in one of her classes. The court documents state that Natalia Bryant never met or had any contact with Kemp.

“This is pretty much a slam dunk case. Anytime someone can show that they have been the victim of harassment, harassment or threats, which appears to be the case here, a judge will issue a restraining order,” Shapiro said.

The court documents show Kemp’s obsession with guns, which includes previous arrests and convictions on gun charges.

“The fact that he is a gun enthusiast makes it all the more troubling for a judge and given the circumstances will give the judge all the more reason to grant this restraining order,” Shapiro said.

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