Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mystery as a model, 24, found dead outside the hospital with no injuries after leaving the party

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Dusty Giles, the mother of model Christy Giles, who was found dead after spending a night out with her friend in Culver City, Los Angeles, has opened up on the mystery of her daughter’s death

A devastated mother, whose daughter was found dead outside a hospital, said she fought an assailant “like hell” after her body was found unharmed.

Christy Giles, 24, was found lifeless on a sidewalk outside Southern California Hospital in Culver City, Los Angeles while her friend was struggling for her life in another hospital on Nov. 13.

The model’s mother, Dusty Giles, 49, believes her daughter and friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26, have been drugged and sexually abused.

“My daughter is the daughter of a military policeman and her father, Leslie, served in Iraq,” she told The Sun.

“My daughters were literally taught how to kill a person with a ballpoint pen.”

She added, “My daughter would have fought like hell and to the best of my understanding from talking to the ambulance and nurse she saw no visible bruises, scratches or signs of an altercation.”

It was reported that the model and her friend were last seen on Friday after going to a camp party at Soho House in West Hollywood before being invited to an after party by a man Hilda met.

Christy’s family said the footage showed her body being dumped in front of the hospital by a group of all-black men in bandanas who were traveling in a car with no license plates.

But two hours later, the model’s body was discovered while Hilda was found in critical condition at a West LA hospital.

Dusty, who lives in Dora, Alabama, said Christy’s husband, Jan Cilliers, had access to her text messages through iCloud.

She explained that her daughter’s last message was just after 5:30 on Saturday saying to Hilda, “Let’s get out of here,” with the big-eyed emoji, Dusty said.

It was reported that Hilda replied “yes” and informed Christy that she had ordered an Uber.

Dusty added, “The only way these men could have kept my daughter and Hilda for over 10 hours would be to give them drugs, maybe tie them up.

“The girls obviously didn’t speak loudly in front of these guys, they texted each other.

“I think they drugged her to keep her and I think they probably raped her.”

The heartbroken mother wondered why the attackers would wait 10 hours “until she was dead to be thrown onto a sidewalk”.

She added, “It doesn’t track, it’s not logical.”

Her family revealed that Hilda’s toxicology report showed heroin in her system – but they are still waiting for the results from Christys and the information from the rape kit test.

Dusty said her daughter stayed away from heroin after seeing her cousin suffer from heroin addiction.

“She had close friends from OD out there and she said to me, ‘It’s crazy mom, they lace this stuff up with fentanyl and people do it one time as a party thing and then they’re dead,'” Dusty said.

“Was my daughter an angel? No, my daughter tried party drugs.

“My daughter was extremely open and didn’t apologize for the way she lived her life.

“Even though we live in Alabama and we have different attitudes, she had no reason to lie to her husband or best friends in California.”

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