Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mysterious bag found in the search for missing dead William Tyrrell while the team searches for remains

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A police spokesman said the last search would find the remains of William Tyrrell. He went missing in New South Wales, Australia in 2014 at the age of three

The search for missing three-year-old William Tyrrell, who disappeared in 2014, may finally come to an end after an old Hessian bag was found buried near his late foster grandmother’s home.

The toddler was missing in the garden of relatives of his foster family in New South Wales, Australia.

He was most recently pictured on the property’s balcony in a Spiderman outfit.

A green nylon bag was found this week in one of three new locations being investigated, although experts said digging to find its remains could take months.

The site is near a tree trunk that was discovered by the anthropologist Dr. Penny McArdle has been marked as interesting.

It is the sixth piece of evidence that police have found since work began on Monday.

A police spokesman said that if they remove surface debris to within 6 to 30 cm of “the entire one-square-mile excavation site” and analyze whatever they find in the ground to look for any traces of William, “he is in there.” will be”. “.

The spokesman added, “Between half a foot and a foot below, and once they get through the topsoil into the orange clay, they know it is well in seven years.

“You are scratching back seven years of filth.”

Earlier this week, a piece of cloth was found in a creek bed near the property, and a search in the same area just two hours earlier found another sample of cloth.

The latest evidence was found on the right side of a stagnant end of the creek that drained last night, the Daily Mail reports.

It was a light blue piece of cloth, about 8cm x 8cm.

Williams’ biological grandmother, who was not named, told the local news that the entire investigation was “shambolic”.

She said, “The nurses knew everything and we didn’t know anything.

“We were just having a little picnic – the foster mother jumps out… and starts giving the children lollipops and children’s surprises.

“So she just wanted to see what was going on.

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“My son always said he was too scared to love his children … he was too scared to love them for an hour of supervised visits.

“He’s not alive. I knew he hadn’t been alive for the past seven years. Well, I’m just scared. “

The foster parents remain on the list of interested parties, and a $ 1 million (£ 538,000) reward for critical information is still in play.

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