Sunday, October 2, 2022

Mykel Gordon video: Chik-fil-A-Hero stops carjacker

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Mykel Gordon is a Chick-fil-A worker in Fort Walton Beach, Florida who is dubbed a hero for stopping an attempted carjacking cop identified as William Branch.

Video of the altercation went viral. You can view it later in this article.

The Fort Walton Beach Chick-fil-A wrote on Facebook, “This is the HERO! This is Mykel Gordon! At Chick-fil-A, our mission is to ‘serve’ and today Mykel has taken it even further…to ‘save,'” they wrote.

In 2018, Gordon was rushing to the aid of two teenage girls when a crane fell on their car, according to NWF Daily News.

“Mykel Gordon was taking orders in the restaurant parking lot when he said he heard a crash and immediately ran towards the girls,” the story reads, quoting him as saying, “I didn’t have time to react.” said Gordon. “It was nothing but instinct and I ran to the car.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department wrote that “The Defuniak Springs man who was pulled over in an attempt to carjack by a Chick-fil-A employee who ran to the rescue faces a second charge by the OCSO.” .

The department continued in a statement on Facebook: “While investigating the incident in which a woman carrying a baby was approached by William Branch on Beal Parkway on Wednesday, MPs learned that a similar incident involving a carjacking attempt by Branch had taken place just minutes earlier. Branch was also arrested in connection with this attempt.”

A press statement posted on the department’s Facebook page said:

The department wrote,

People filled the Chick-fil-A comments thread with praise for Gordon’s actions. “Thank you for saving multiple lives today. It’s not about carjacking, it’s about community and serving others. Nice job young man!!” wrote one.

“Mykel, you’re an all-around upright guy! We are happy to see you as a customer and today you have done everything that is not unusual for Chic fil a employees. Anyway, THANK YOU for using your instincts to protect this family!!!!” another wrote.

Another wrote: “Congratulations Mykel! For years you served me early in the morning when I was on my way to work..always so nice! No one is better suited to be the hero!”

One woman added: “Hey Mykel, we have a spot for you in the cadet program in the sheriff’s office! Good job young man! 💪🏻”

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