Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Ms. said to leave the church after staff mistook her cilantro for marijuana

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Ashley Antiveros burst into tears trying to explain that the questionable looking substance was just plain herbs. She asked the church staff to smell the coriander

A frustrated woman burst into tears when she was told to leave a church for bringing “weeds” to a sermon – but it was actually fresh cilantro.

Ashley Antiveros claims she was accused of bringing drugs when she attended a prison service at Redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, United States, on Sunday, November 14th.

But a church spokesman has denied their claims, saying that they are simply following policies that prohibit bringing food to prisoners.

In the now viral footage she posted on TikTok, a church woman kept telling her, “You have to go now. You won’t bring any drugs here.”

Ashley corrects her: “It’s coriander! It’s like a meal, I promise you, that’s for the menudo. It’s not grass. I’ll show you.”

But the woman asks her to stop and leave the church.

Ashley opens the bag and asks the staff to smell it, insisting that it is not a bag of marijuana, but a mixture of cilantro and oregano.

“I’m not like that, that’s why I’m so mad,” she says. “Please just smell it. I’ll go but I just want you to confirm.

At this point a pastor tells her that he is in the middle of a sermon and that Ashley needs to “chill” so they can converse afterwards.

In a second video, Ashley said the staff threatened to call the police when she asked about the meal.

The Redemption United Methodist Church holds regular services for members and inmates of the Department of Corrections correctional facilities, according to KOCO Channel 5.

Like other guests, Ashley said she wanted to share her prepared meal with her sister.

In a statement posted online by the Church: “The video clip posted on social media about an incident that occurred on the 14th handing a bag of food to a family member who is an inmate attending the faith service.

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“Family members, visitors and guests are cordially invited to take part in the church services and were allowed to bring food to eat on site beforehand, but could not give the inmates any food to take with them to the penal institutions.

“The Redemption Church does not discriminate against people based on their ethnicity or family of origin. This policy of the Department of Corrections and Redemption Mission Penn Avenue personnel applies to everyone. “

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