Friday, May 6, 2022

MPs are “forced to wear body armor” for fear of attack, says Chris Bryant

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Labor MP Chris Bryant gives examples of MPs who have taken extra precautions due to the heightened threat

Chris Bryant, a former Labor Secretary and Chair of the Commons Standards Committee, addressed the extra precautions MPs need to take during a debate on whether Parliament should probe the Prime Minister for his comments on rule-breaking Covid parties.

MPs are being forced to wear stab vests for fear of attack, a senior Labor backbencher said as he urged MPs to be more cautious about their behaviour.

Calling for Parliament’s standing to be improved, Mr Bryant cited several examples of MPs being found guilty in court or awaiting trial, while several MPs were suspended from the House of Commons for breaking parliamentary rules.

He added: “And in a very short time, two of our colleagues have been murdered and others are wearing stab vests. We must take the reputation of this House very seriously. We need to polish it, not tarnish it.”

Last year Sir David Amess, Tory MP for Southend West, was assassinated by an Islamic extremist during his regular constituency operation. It followed the 2016 killing of Labor MP Jo Cox by a far-right extremist.

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